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Company Introduction



Established in 2002, Ha Minh Tri Trading Service Engineering Co., Ltd offers a wide range of fire fighting equipments, fire trucks and vehicles, fire pumps and controllers, fire protection systems, passive fire protection, technology consultation, installation, maintenance and upgrading fire protection system service with core values being

Safety – Affordability – Flexibility - Efficiency

We are proud to be strategic partner of well known suppliers such as HOCHIKI, FIREAWAY, CHEMETRON, ITT-GOULDS… (USA), KENTEC (UK), GIELLE (Italia), ISUZU, MITSUBISHI, FUTUREBUD (Japan), FINETEC, HANJU and KFT (Korea) as well as well-recognized customers including Ministry of Public Security, Mobifone and Vingroup.

Enthusiastic and resilient high quality staffs and suitable business strategies are the key drivers for the development in HMT to become a reliable partner in fire protection industry.

Aiming at becoming a well known provider for imported fire protection systems, we devoted to bring back to Vietnam the most recent developed technologies, adapt them to suit Vietnam’s condition. Our products and services are chosen for a number of infrastructures ranging from factories, national electrical power stations, hospital, sky-rise buildings, and shopping mall to even your house.

We focus on meeting the needs and expectations of the end users. Clients’ trust and constant support for HMT for years motivates us to develop our products and services.

Moreover, we inspire staffs through an cohesive culture, empowering individuals to proudly g sam system, fire safetybute through an open culture, empowers individuals.and gives them a ies, national electrical pocontributes to the development of the company.

Why Choosing HMT Co., Ltd?

HMT Ltd guarantees to accompany clients before, throughout and after the project. We will not begin the project until doing in-depth research about the construction's nature and specific demands of each client. Instead of complicating problems, we seek to implement suitable, user friendly and affordable solutions.

As a young company, we understand success comes from great effort, resilience and continuous innovation.  Hence, we are willing to learn, improve and do our best.

Finally, we are grateful for your constant support throughout the journey. 



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