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                                          a.    Core business

·         Manufacturing: since 2002

o   Install fire protection system, antitheft device, CCTV systems

o   Install, repair and maintain water supply and drainage system, electric power system, air conditioning and ventilation system, lightning protection system for high-rise buildings, manufacturing sites and other civilian constructions.

o   Manufacturing clothing products: manufacturing clothing samples for export.

·         Trading: since 2002

o   Provide vehicle, equipment and tools for firefighting activities

o   Import and distribute printing ink, modern firefighting equipments and vehicles

·         Service: since 2002

o   Consult, design fire protection system

o   Consult, design advertising samples

o   Freight transportation

o   Passenger transportation: fixed route, contract and leisure purpose

o   Restaurant and dinning services


                                        b.    Human resource capacity

·         Manufacturing: 20 staffs

o   Electronic engineer: 6

o   Mechanical engineer: 1

o   Fire protection engineer: 3

o   Welders level 5/7: 4

o   Electrician level 5/7: 4

o   Bachelor of Business administration: 2

·         Trading: 10 staffs

o   Bachelor of Business administration: 10 


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